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Tim Gorman is an award winning music producer, arranger, composer, keyboardist, and vocalist with over thirty years of experience in the Music and Film Industry. Tim has worked with The Who, The Rolling Stones, Duane Eddy, John Hiatt, and many others detailed below. Film scoring credits include work for James Cameron’s Titanic, and No Small Affair for Columbia Pictures. His Gaming Industry contributing works include Electronic Arts, The Sims, and Spore.




Tim’s storied and expansive career started as a session musician in the Pacific Northwest at Recording Associates in Portland Oregon, and Kaye-Smith Studios in Seattle Washington. At Kaye-Smith he worked with producer engineers Jim Gaines, Buzz Richmond and the legendary R&B producer songwriter Thom Bell for whom Tim recorded sessions on The Spinners “8” for Atlantic Records, and Elton John “The Thom Bell Sessions” on MCA Records. During his tenure at Kaye-Smith Tim began working with songwriter Bill Lamb. It is through this pivotal work that he met iconic British producer Glyn Johns who shortly thereafter gave Tim his first production and recording contract catapulting Tim in to the heart of the Rock music industry and setting the stage for his significant contributions to recording and live performance.


While working for Glyn Johns production company “ Turn Up Down Music”, Tim was introduced to the recording industry in the U.K. and began his work with Rock music royalty including; The Who, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, John Entwistle, Lazy Racer, Local Boys, Dusty Springfield, Tim Renwick, Diane Tell, and producer David MacKay.


In 1978 Tim recorded for The Rolling Stones performing overdubs on Emotional Rescue and Tattoo You playing piano, synthesizer, and Hammond B3 organ. Tim joined The Who recording “It’s Hard” for Warner Brothers Records on 1982 as well as performing on the concert tour “The Who Across America”. Tim was awarded his first two RAII certified gold records at Shea Stadium during the tour. Working with Pete Townshend at his home studio Tim recorded the now legendary keyboard introduction to “Eminence Front” used by countless athletes, sports organizations, television shows, and movies. In 1983 The Who released “Who’s Last” for MCA Records, which also features Tim on piano and synthesizer. He again recorded with The Who in 2006 on “Live From Toronto” for MCA Records. Through his work with The Who Tim recorded “The Rock” with the renowned Who bassist John Entwistle in 1986 and subsequently toured with John in 1988-89. “The Rock” was released in 1996 for Griffin Music.

Tim’s composition and production background in addition to his mastery of piano, organ, synthesizer, and the latest computer based software sets him apart and can well be defined by the term “Musicians Musician”. It is this truly unique and in depth skill set that has allowed him to rise to the highest levels in many genres within the music industry, an honor shared by few others. Some examples of his outstanding diversity are his works in both recorded and live performance with legendary artists such as; guitar giant Duane Eddy, the trailblazing Hellicasters, Levon Helm, Johnny Cash, Emmy Lou Harris, Charlie Daniels, John Hiatt, psychedelic overlords The Jefferson Airplane/Starship, jazz saxophonist Steve Douglas, celtic master fiddler Alasdair Fraser, Paul Kennerly, Journey, The Smithereens, Hawaiian slack key guitar virtuoso Kapono Beamer, Paul Kantner, Greg Kihn, and the list grows to this day.




Through the work of Glyn Johns, and his partner entertainment attorney Eric Kronfeld, Tim was awarded a recording contract with A&M Records releasing the self titled album “Lazy Racer” in 1979 and the follow up album Lazy Racer “Formula 2” in 1980.

This was the begining of Tim’s career as a dedicated recording artist and composer in his own right. The albums were well received by music critics in both the U.K. and the U.S.


Tim’s first solo release came in 1996, “Classical Daydreams” on Gallery Records. It is a return to Tim’s formation and decades of study in classical music. It features a collection of 10 quintessential classical selections from masters; Bach, Chopin, Debussy, Delibes, Dvorak, Massenet, Pachelbel, Rachmaninoff, and Satie. The selections display Tim’s extraordinary orchestration talents and continue to receive generous reviews today. Classical Daydreams was the first recording done at Tim’s Timtone Media Studios and debuts him as producer and engineer.


In 2004 Tim released his groundbreaking second solo offering, “ Celtic Loop” on Timtone Records, which also features him as a composer, producer, and engineer. The inspirations for Celtic Loop arise from his ancestry and upbringing where Irish reels and traditional Celtic music were commonplace in the home. Further inspiration came from Tim’s recordings, BBC broadcasts, and subsequent tour with master Celtic fiddler

Alasdair Fraser in the Scottish Highlands. Celtic Loop ia a distinctly unique project with an unusual approach in production and recording. It features original crafted audio loops and samples meticulously created by Tim on a computer utilizing state of the art recording and editing software. This process was followed by overdubbing authentic Celtic instruments and musicians to bring this one of a kind and distinct recording to life. The pure Celtic instruments were recorded at Fantasy Studios by senior mixing engineer Stephen Hart.


“Cowboy” on Timtone Records was released in 2011 and is Tim’s third solo album again featuring him as a composer, producer and engineer. Cowboy is a collection of acoustic piano performances deeply rooted in Country and Americana music traditions. Tim’s limitless breadth of composition is well expressed on Cowboy, which also includes two interpretations of modern American composers, “Last Date” by Floyd Kramer, and “Sweet Baby James” by James Taylor. The opening cut, “Ashokan Farewell” by Jay Ungar was recently made popular in the Ken Burns documentary “The Civil War”. The recording and production of Cowboy was once again unique and simultaneously demanding. Recorded live at Skywalker Sound with no edits, punch-ins, or overdubs, Tim was able to capture every detail and nuance true to the performance. Additionally, Cowboy was recorded “direct to digital” bypassing the studio console and straight to high definition recorders rendering a flawless audiophile presentation.  Bringing this outstanding performance to the listener is achieved with the final product on a high resolution 96K DVD audio disc in addition to the standard audio CD.




Tim’s orchestration talents took him to the French national Theatre as Music Director for Sony/France in 1991. Further extending his credits in the field Tim worked under composer James Horner on James Cameron’s “Titanic” as well as “No Small Affair” for Columbia Pictures. Another unique and challenging work for the film industry was a restoration of 284 Popeye cartoons for Paramount Pictures. Tim painstakingly hand wrote each part from the original soundtrack and then re-played, recorded, and mixed them at his studio later to be added to the original film. Tim expanded his creativity to the gaming industry and collaborated on the designing and crafting of the music for “ Sims 2”, “Sims 3”, and “Spore” for Electronic Arts.




JOEY Award : Best Digital Opener, Cisco Systems.

RIAA Certified Gold and Platinum Record Awards : The Who : It’s Hard. Journey : Time. Member of Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.





Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory and Composition, University of Portland.

Berklee College of Music, Jazz Composition and Performance.




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1979 Pleasure – Future Now – Fantasy Records

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2011 Tim Gorman – Cowboy – Timtone Records





1980 Lazy Racer – Lazy Racer, Formula 2, - Heart of Hearts, Jumpin’ the Gun. A&M Records

1982 The Who – Eminence Front, The Who Across America Tour. Warner Bros.

1985 Maxie – starring Glenn Close. Jazz pianist for Ms. Close. Orion Pictures

1985 No Small Affair – starring, Demi Moore. Additional song, “ Over The Top” for score. Columbia Pictures

1986 KBC Band – America. Arista Records

1987 Chinas Living Treasures – directed by Vincent Lynch. Original score. PBS

1989 Jefferson Airplane – Planes, True Love. Epic Records

1990 Popey cartoon Series – Restoration of music scores for 284 cartoons. Mutato Musika, Paramount Pictures

1997 Titanic – directed by James Cameron. Contributing score. Lightstorm Ent. , Paramount Pictures. 20th Century Fox

2001 Cisco Systems / Partnership Summit – Original score. Winner of JOEY Award for Best Digital Opener. SEED Productions

2002 Country Bears – Score contributor. Walt Disney Pictures

2004-08 Saving The Bay – narrated by Robert Redford. Original score and contributing score. KQED / PBS

2005-06 The Sims 2 – Original songs for expansion packet. Electronic Arts / Maxis

2007 California Light Speed Rail Authority – Original score. Amercury Media

2008 Spoe – Contributing score. Electronic Arts / Maxis

2009 McClatchy / Night Ridder – Original Score. Amercury Media

2010 The Sims 3 – Original piano pieces. Electronic Arts / Maxis

2011 NIKE – Original score for multi media event. Herenow Creative